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Humans are inherently very tribal This ad brought to you by the friendly folks at Pfizer, buy 3 jabs get one free!!!

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Mizkif | Just Chatting Mizkif mispronounce Emiru as Maya

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You can have $1 billion but you can never get drunk or high again, are you interested? Why or why not?


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DISCUSSION Loopring is down 35% in a month and all bagholders are getting is more 'NDA' bullshit from Byron... and tweets about 'Partnerships' and an LRC 'Metaverse HQ'.


Lots of speculation on the LRC subs (r/loopringorg and r/loopring) about whether the devs have been stringing holders along since last year with the GME bullshit. Yes, we all know there are references in the github code, but that doesn't mean shit until there is an official announcement by GameStop.

So to keep holders occupied, there seems to be plenty of MATIC bashing and pointless bollocks announcements such as 'Loopring HQ in the Metaverse is almost ready to go'. No-one gives a fuck about 'The Metaverse'. Holders want transparency, clarity and a reason it seems they are being dumped on by larger holders as the price continues to tumble as serious projects (MATIC) see consistency and stability.

It seems the Brigading of r/CryptoCurrency by LRC holders was successful in one thing: gaining new bagholders. A true case study in 'Buy the rumour, sell the news...'

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I just got my teeth whitened and wanted to show off

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Started From the Bottom...

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Discussion Just finished with chapter 3 of RDR2 now so i am about half done with the story and that fuckin Braithwaite witch really pissed me off tho kidnapped jack who is still a child what fuckin arse hole witch really tho i know how bad guys work in general but fuckin hell that crosses the line for me

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Man confronts a stranger in Starbucks for wearing a trump hat.

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Missing Context Crazy conspiracy theorists

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Medicine Ivermectin administration is associated with lower gastrointestinal complications and greater ventilator-free days in ventilated patients with COVID-19: A propensity score analysis

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To ambush a cop...

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Careers & Work LPT: When at a job interview, have a list of qualifying questions prepared for your interviewer. The person who’s asking the questions is the one who’s in charge of the conversation.


A lot of the time, you’re trying to prove to your interviewer that you’re a good fit for their company. But your state of mind should be determining whether or not they are a good fit for you. Why? You’re presenting yourself as high value. You’re presenting yourself as a scarce resource that could be a valuable asset to the company. If they ask what your expectations for pay are, ask them what their best offer is. If they ask why they should hire you, ask why you should accept a job offer from them. Ask them what makes their company stand out, what makes them a good place to work, etc. Employers want to believe that their company is a place worth working at, so by asking these questions, they’ll likely try and qualify themselves to you, especially if you have options and offers from other companies. Now, if you’re looking for an entry level position, you’re not gonna have as much leverage as a seasoned and skilled worker looking for a higher-ranking position is, but you can still employ this strategy. Remember, you want the best possible situation for yourself. Say it out loud for me: “I deserve the best.”

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Meme I dont like ppl who do this.

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Bitcoin will either 1) take over the world or 2) fail and go to zero. There is no middle ground here. Outcome #2 is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY, so stop worrying about bear markets, price manipulation, central bank digital currencies and other crap. GO ALL IN. Yes, this is financial advice.


I am completely all in on Bitcoin. No diversification whatsoever. I have just enough fiat to cover my short term expenses.


Because I've been completely broke before and I'm not afraid of it.

Because I despise governments and banks.

Because I believe socialism/communism is the most dangerous virus in the world.

Because we're all going to die someday, so you might as well bet big.

Because if Bitcoin doesn't succeed, humanity is fucked anyway.

Bitcoin is made in such a way that it will either crush everything or fail. Once you understand this, you will never go back.

The probability of Bitcoin failing is extremely low.

Diversification is so lame.

PS/ I will get a lot of hate from this post because there are a lot of nocoiners and haters hanging around here. I expect it and have my popcorn ready.

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Throwback Days like this you miss Brady

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Dear laners, don't ping smite after failed objective


Pretty much 98% of the time I fail I hit the key but the enemy hit it first. I'm sorry I don't have godlike reaction time, but if I did I probably would be in your elo. It's not as easy as it looks.


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Someone’s child forcefully tossed off the bus.

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The way my bowls line up.

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Chat Was letzte nachgeschlagene Wort?

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Kids under the age of 5 shouldn't be allowed to eat at restaurants


I'm just trying to enjoy my meal. I don't want to listen to your two year old scream at the top of their lungs. If your kid can't behave themself then don't even take them out to eat. Take them to a daycare or a babysitter. Or even teach them good table manners.

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Is it just me or has there been a new and extreme wave of whining in this subreddit?


Is it just me or has this place turned into "For the money I've paid for this car, it should 'wah wah wah wah wah wah wah'", as if other new cars don't also cost money, require maintenance, and have their problems--or lack of features.

Yes, some things need addressing, but the level of discourse lately has been on a solid 7th grade level.

And it seems to me like a lot of the newer Tesla Model 3 owners completely lost their short term memory involving other cars as soon as they took delivery of their Tesla.

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Discussion Youtuber weirdness


Ok, yes Ive watched a select youtubers for some DD, but mostly for entertainment. Some Trey, Lou, Al from Boston, misc. others....couldnt stand to watch Matt--he's just too weird and has the personality of wet cardboard. Anyway....I watched Lou and Al recently. They both claimed they were on a "satellite call". Ok....who initiated that call? Maybe a huge HF? Seems like Lou is low balling, Al is high balling....then you got Trey playing the "emotional" route (not to mention his weird ass skits) Seems like HF'S have paid them all off. Lou appears to change his mind frequently....AL is pulling in huge interviews that we all know costs big bucks. Trey is turning kooky. What are your thoughts? Cause to me, this all smells like HF fuckery.

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PENTA Fingle? peepoShy

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Bate-Papo O que acham disto?

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