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Men of reddit, what is the quickest way another man can lose your respect ?


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Men (30+) that are in the dating scene: What’s it like dating right now ?


What experiences and types do you encounter and are finding difficult? What trends or patterns are you seeing ?

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What is your honest opinion on guys who don't know anything about tools?


Curious if most guys have this as a pet-peeve or not...

Just for clarification, this is curiously more than anything. I have tools, and I keep them safe/organized.

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What is something you did that was non sexual that made you feel manly?


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Men who have spit their gum out into a urinal: Why are you the way that you are?


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What is the most aggressive thing a woman has ever done to gain your attention?


I just had something out of the movies happen to me. this middle aged woman sitting across me swopped seats to face me better. she then proceeded to open and cross her legs in my full view while looking at me. she was wearing a short skirt by the way. i could literally feel my testosterone come alive and my body proved it..

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Guys who randomly approach girls at bars, what do you talk about?


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What are the changes you made that noticeably helped you in the dating pool?


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What are your favorite slightly obscure movies?


What movies do you love that you find most or many people have never seen?

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Men of Reddit, did you prefer to be the good guy or bad guy in games such as Cops and Robbers when you were a child?


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Lonely men of reddit who started focusing on their carreer/education, how has it worked out for you?


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Is it a date, if yes how can I ensure it goes well?


I met this girl randomly at Uni with some friends. She sat alone and we happened to be sitting close. I brought her into the convo and we were really friendly with her as if we know her. I get her social media then she has to go for class.

A few days later, I tell her through text straight up I wanna see her again in a flirtatious way, she’s receptive. We planned to meet this coming Friday.

The thing is though her schedule is so packed, always busy; and to add detail she’s only been in the US for 5 years and drives an 1hr30min to get to campus(I’m 10min away), and doesn’t have friends from Uni.

I’ve had hookups b4, but never a real relationship or a proper date. Also I’m not driving this semester which could be issue; I imagine whatever we do she probably doesn’t want to drive.

What should I plan for Friday ?

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I have no father, no brother and grandfather, how tf do I become a man?


I have NO direct male relatives, not that I know of, I have 2 moms and a sister though... but I feel so fucking isolated, like I didn't even figure out you could pull back your foreskin before I was 14... Now I'm super socially akward and introverted, can you change after growing up?

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Men of Reddit, why is it difficult to accept a sincere, no strings attached compliment?


I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. I absolutely adore him. However, he shies away nearly every time I say something nice about him. Like literally just doesn’t say anything at all.

I am sincerely saying what’s in my heart, and NOT for the “I said something nice about you, say something nice about me” motive.

I’m not being over the top. I’m saying things like “you look good in that shirt,” not “you’re the hottest guy to ever walk the earth” (even though he is). Please help me be able to show my love and to have him receive it. It is starting to feel like rejection and I’m feeling as if I need to shut my own feelings down.

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When do you allow yourself to open up emotionally to the woman you are dating, especially in the early stages (a few weeks)?


From my experience, women lose interest and attraction to guys who open up emotionally to them in the early stage of dating.

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What do other guys actually think of male hormonal birth control?


Pretty much title.

All the time I hear from women how men hate the idea of using hormonal birth control. But I wanna hear it straight from other guys because to me, personally, I can't see any reason why we don't as I think the advantages outweigh the downsides.

I'd say a big concern when guys have sex is an unwanted pregnancy (mainly baby trapping). Using hormonal birth control, we take more responsiblity and power to prevent this sort of thing happening.

Also, if both parties are taking hormonal birth control it would probably reduce the need for condoms, which would make it a much more enjoyable experience for us.

As far as side effects that affect mood, I thinkt that we would adjust fairly quickly and get used to it.

But that's what I think. I want to know what you guys think.

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What do you think was your peak age physically?


Many people say that it is around 27 years old, but I think that many people are more physically strong at 30-40 and even later

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How do you handle a divorce you never wanted?


Like the title says, what the hell do I do now? My wife and I were always happy, or at least it seemed that way. I've never been divorced before and I just feel gutted. Men who have gone through this, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Tips, tricks, or anything is greatly appreciated. I never wanted this, and I never realized that she did.

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What is the most hypocritical thing you found in a girl?


For me it's making some judgemental comments on other girls. It's ok for her to say that for you it's crime you sexiest.

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What’s a social norm you refuse to conform to?


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How did you meet your significant other?


just curious. I want to meet awesome guys but don’t want to be on dating apps.

Where can I meet someone like you?

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What is more distracting: short skirts or low cut tops?


Just curious , and explain as well!

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Men of Reddit, how do you deal with not being sure if you chose the right career?


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How have you dealt with seething anger towards an individual who has wronged you?


Little background:

Roughly a year ago, this individual wronged me financially. He became manipulative, emotionally blackmailed me and eventually I took the 'high ground' and walked away without acting on my retaliatory impulses. I could go into it but the important part is I spent months having revenge fantasies and wishing I could absolutely ruin his life in retaliation.

Thankfully I didn't, however that hasn't stopped my caveman brain wanting to physically attack him whenever I see him in public. Plenty of time has gone by but I still want to see this fuckers blood. To be honest it scares me and I don't like how quickly that overwhelming anger rises when he's nearby. Additionally thinking about what happened puts me the foulest of moods which leads to angry and dark thoughts.

So my question to you gentleman whom which this strikes a chord with is this. How did you deal with this anger and eventually shake it off?

I've tried talking about it (with more than one person). Ive been focusing on working out, generally made my life better since this all went down but I still can't help seeing red.

I was a bit of a pushover for most of my life until recently and so I have a theory that he embodies years of taking shit from other people and subconsciously I've snapped and years worth of anger are now being aimed at this one individual.

Any advice, opinions, stories and experience is welcome. I'm interested to hear what similar experiences you gents may have.