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Covid-19 megathread January 2022 Covid-19 Pandemic megathread


Covid-19 continues with a new variant, and we're all suffering from pandemic fatigue. Here's a fun fact to keep you going: Did you know some people think that the Disney movie Tangled predicted Covid-19? Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her locked away...from the island kingdom... of Corona. Who knew?

Welcome to yet another monthly megathread for Covid-19. We get so many questions every month about it, like "If there's an Omicron variant, does that mean there's other variants they haven't talked about?" or "When is all this going to end?" ..and many of them are repeats. So we made a megathread where you can ask these questions!

Post all your Covid-19 related questions as a top level reply to this monthly post.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!). You can also search earlier megathreads for popular questions like "how can I convince my friend the vaccine is safe?" or "when do you think the pandemic will end?"
  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, or even a matter of life and death, so let's not add fuel to the fire.
  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.
  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!
  • Worried you have the virus or how to treat it? All medical advice questions will be removed. If you have a question about your personal health, talk to your doctor. Absolutely must ask strangers online? Try /r/AskDocs.

Want more Covid info? Check out /r/Coronavirus (or /r/CanadaCoronavirus for our Canadian readers!).

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Nominate the Best of NSQ for 2020 and 2021!


It's time!

It's time to nominate your favourite posts and comments from NoStupidQuestions from 2021. And for 2020, since we missed the boat last year. Hey, things were tough for everyone!

We've got some fabulous prizes to give away, including kudos, warm feelings, gratitude and more! So dig through reddit history, and nominate the Best Of NSQ of 2021 and 2020.


There are multiple categories - submit your nomination by replying to the appropriate top-level comment below. Link to your submission. Optionally, explain why you think it deserves to be called the best! Don't have one to nominate? Then look through the candidates already submitted, and updoot your faves.

The categories:

"Today's 10,000": (Explanatory XKCD) The most fascinating, mind-blowing factoid you found on NSQ - something you're so glad you learned, wish you'd learned earlier, and you think more people need to know. Nominations go here!

"Cutting Onions": The most moving, heartwarming or wholesome answer to a question here on NSQ. Tissues are ready, nominations go here!

"Between The Lines": Did you once see an answer that cut to the heart of the question behind OP's question, and really got to the meat of the matter? Nominations go here!

"Best Question": We've seen some great questions over the years - the bear with the AK47, how to pronounce Stephen, or on vampire's grooming habits. Which question from 2020-2021 is your absolute favourite? Nominations go here!

"Best Discussion": Nominate the thread - question and answer - that brought out the absolute best in what redditors have to offer. Nominations go here!

"Best Megathread": The past two years have been crazy ones for US politics, and for having a once-in-a-century pandemic. Our two Megathreads on those topics were running much too long. What are the best questions and answers they brought forth? For your convenience, here's links to the COVID and US Politics Megathreads. Nominations go here!

Remember, nominate your nom nominations on the nom nom nomination threads below!

Need inspiration? Here's links to Reddit's AI's list of the top and best posts from the past 12 months. (We don't know how it picks them either). Thanks for the suggestion, /u/NeverEverWong !

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Why are Middle East terrorists not attacking China? With their treatment of the Muslims?


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My new girlfriend likes to call me "zaddy" - is it weird if I call her "zaughter"?


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Did people make paper airplanes before there were real airplanes? what did they call them?


I mean, paper has been around a long time. I gotta believe someone folded it up like an airplane and threw it lots of times before airplanes were ever a thing.

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Why are horror, horrifying and horrific all negative words, but terrific is positive unlike terrifying and terror?


It seems pretty natural that horrifying means horror-inducing and horrific means full of horror. So why does terrifying mean terror-inducing, but terrific doesn’t mean full of terror? When and how did terrific evolve to mean “pretty great, actually”?

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If God made the sun, moon, and stars on the 4th day, how did they count the first 3 days?? (I mean no offence)


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Answered I'm not gay but everyone wants me to be


So I'm a straight male (I don't doubt my sexuality anymore I'm sure), and I hang out with more female then male friends. I like shopping and am into different music then "normal" guys. And I'm totally cool with that, but everyone around me keeps pushing me to "finally come out" and everyone keeps calling me feminine and too sensitive. I don't know how to react so I just act like I don't care. Any tips?

Edit:Hey everyone, thx for the support. Turns out I just gotta roll with it and be the best me!

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Why do I dread tasks like chores or exercise even if I end up enjoying them?


I find that tasks I'm dreading doing usually aren't as awful as I imagined when I end up getting to them. And sometimes I end up even enjoying the task or feeling satisfied afterwards. Usually our brains release dopamine when we do something enjoyable, so we associate the activity with positive feelings and are motivated to do it again. So why is it that even if I enjoy myself doing something like washing the dishes or exercising, I still absolutely dread the thought of those activities and put them off as much as possible? Surely I'm not the only one. Is it because we're conditioned to hate these things? Is it because of the effort?

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Does anyone find Reddit to be super boring and repetitive sometimes?


I don't know if it has been my mood lately or it is actually true but i have found Reddit to be incredibly repetitive and strangely boring. I have a vast amount of interests but I am finding that nothing seems to stick on Reddit. You see something interesting and then it's instantly on to the next thing. I get a sense of blandness a lot of sessions.

Does anyone else feel like this?

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Is it inappropriate to wave at a baby you don’t know?


I was at a restaurant with a friend and a cute little baby waved at me so I waved back. My friend said, “I probably wouldn’t wave at that baby, you don’t know him”

I thought that was silly.

So my question is, if a baby you don’t know waves at you at a restaurant or at the store, is it inappropriate to wave back? Should you ignore the baby?

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Unanswered Is Game of Thrones still worth watching even if the last season is not very highly regarded?


I mean, the rest of the show is some of the highest rated television ever. Is it worth the final season being a humongous let down?

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Why are Christian churches tax exempt when most of them are ran like businesses and not charities?


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Why exactly is fast food universally accepted as being unhealthy? is there no way to quickly prepare healthy food even at a higher price, or is their no market for it?


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Is life really about working 40-hour weeks to enjoy those precious weekends over and over again until you die?


I just turned 18, and as I understand it, being an adult means: working a meaningless and exhausting job 5 days a week to have enough money to pay my rent, and at the same time I have practically no time for relationships, hobbies or something else that makes life worth living. And weekends are just two days of stress when you try to get as much done as you can because you don't have time during the week.

Is it like that for everyone? Is there a way to NOT do this? What's the point?

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Are there people out there that actually enjoy these videos of people playing guitar in their feeds that can never be removed?


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Answered Because of the way they can refer to both groups and individuals, are they/them pronouns more hazardous to use in emergency situations compared to pronouns such as she/her, as they might cause slight confusion? Are pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them) ever even really used in emergency situations?


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it takes me 30 min to run a mile, is that normal?


for context i am an just slightly obese man (by like 4-5 lbs) and do regularly exersise

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How did it become "shame the customer for not tipping well"; not "shame the business for paying low wages?"


I never understand when I see social media post about this. People complaining and shaming customers for not leaving a big tip or a tip at all. Why not call out the business for not paying a livable wage? It's not the customers job to "pay" (they still are paying for the product) the employees' wages, it's the employer. I'm not saying don't tip at all; that is a customers choice to do so or not. But people are putting all their effort into wrong problem. It shouldn't be "customers should tip more", but "employer should pay me more because I have to depend on tips." I'm not saying don't tip, it's the customers choice.

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Would it be illegal for make a stage name as a painter and claim that painter is the best, and sell paintings to myself at ridiculous prices on ebay so people will think my paintings are actually worth something, in hopes that it would catch on? I dont paint, just curious


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Why does my stomach hurt or I get super hungry after I poop? I usually poop 1-3 hours after breakfast too, so it's not like it's been a while since I've eaten.


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How long would it take a newly enforced language to catch on?


If the Australian government suddenly decided everyone was to speak spanish and enforced it throughout all aspects of daily life, how long would it take to stick generationally even after the enforcement ends?

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What's with all the ADD/Autism/anxiety/depression teens on reddit?


I've seen tons of post Like this: "I (M16 or whatever) have problem xyz. I also have been dealing with depression and anxiety and have Just recently been diagnosed with ADD. Also i have autism." It seems to me that 90% of all teens on reddit have at least 2 out of the 4 and from the context it's usually US Teens.

To be honest, to me this sounds a lot like self-diagnosed mental health problems to justify their puberty behavior and be entitled to overreacting.

I so respect mental health problems, it's just that it's so common in reddit. I especially have problems with the ADD and autism part. I'm a teacher in Germany and autism is a big deal here. The students are usually accompanied by an adult who helps them through the day (organising their social and academic life and basically taking the pressure from both the student and the teacher).

And while i know, autism is a spectrum of several disorders and comes in different flavors, i just feel like the whole ADD and autism stuff is blown way out of proportion.

I don't mean to offend anyone, i just wonder, If there are different criteria to be diagnosed with either of them or the kids are self-diagnosing. Is the incidence higher in US? Do we in Germany fail to detect 90% of the cases (we usually have about 2-3 at a school of 800 students)? I'm profoundly confused!!

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Do military recruiters often hang out in American schools throughout the entire school year?


When I was in high school, military recruiters came by, I think, once or twice a year. Usually during "job fair" or "college fair" days, where they would be one of dozens of people presenting.

In the Netflix show Dare Me, several major plot threads revolve around three military recruiters who hang out at the high school, trying to recruit high school students.

Every. Single. School Day. Of the entire school year.

Does this happen? Does the American military really pursue high school kids that hard?

Or did the show just need an excuse for the soldiers to constantly be involved in the plot?

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How do you decide on your career?


I have some friends who have always known what they wanted to be or at least the direction they wanted to go. Others have fallen into a career that they now love. I’ve never been to college/university. I thought it was a waste of time; I didn’t know what subjects to pick because I didn’t know what kind of job I’d like.

Would you pick a subject to learn because you’re interested? Or because you think you’d be good at it? Or something else, like ideal parenting timings?

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Why is it "fiction" and "non fiction" and not "fiction" and "fact"?