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The Rules What does "Personalized Off My Chest Style Post" mean?


People have been telling me that their posts I've been removing actually shouldn't be removed because they are "personalized" and meet the "off my chest" criterion. I'm going to explain this is greater detail with plenty of examples so what type of posts are allowed is more clear for everyone to understand.

Personalized in this case means that what you're posting has to be directly related to you (this would include a close person, such as a family member). And it can't be something that's impacting a large number of people unless it has a specific application to you.

Examples of valid "personal" posts:

"I just found out I owe a bunch of money on my taxes!"

"My parents just found out they owe a bunch in back taxes and might go under! I wish I could help them!"

Examples of "impersonal" posts:

"Taxation is theft!"

"Don't you hate it when you have to pay taxes?"

What is meant by being an "off my chest" style post?

An off my chest style post is you getting something off your chest that's personal in nature (so, both related to you or someone you know quite personally and has a direct impact on you or them that isn't generalized) AND that is a story, situation, hope for the future, or some other type of direct situation.

Note: Opinions, hot takes, asking generalized questions not tied to a valid post, political commentary, talking about things that have nothing to do with you SPECIFICALLY, generalizations, etc. do NOT count as off my chest style posts.

Example of valid off my chest style posting:

"I stubbed my toe and cried today. I feel so humiliated."

"My friend is transitioning and it feels like they're becoming a different person, but I want to support them. It just feels like I'm losing them."

"I lost my job due to [insert cancel culture thing here]."

"My parents hit my kids and I don't want them to ever see or touch them again!"

Examples of invalid off my chest style posts:

"Stubbing toes is the worst thing ever. Does anyone else agree?"

"Transitioning fundamentally alters a person to the point where they aren't even themselves anymore."

"Cancel culture is bullshit!"

"Children should not be hit!"

"I like X TV show."

"Does anyone know how to fix a broken headlight?" (we've gotten these before, lol)

"Not ALL men/women..."

"[Insert any commentary on any hot-button topic here.]"

Note: You can give your opinion on a personalized situation, but your whole post can't just be the opinion, and it has to be something that's meaningfully specific. But you cannot stand on a soapbox and preach it.

In some cases, a post may be removed that can be reworded to "fit", but the majority of the time there isn't a way to reword a post to "fit".

I am quite aware that this kills a large portion of what the sub used to allow, but after seeing the types of post that are now front-paging that simply weren't allowed to before due to all the flaming and getting the same hot takes over and over again, I honestly can't help but feel like this was a net positive.

Also, my removal of your post for not following the rules has nothing to do with whether or not I personally agree or disagree with the post. I've removed something from every major category recently. I'm also pretty good about explaining how posts don't fit the criteria if asked on any given specific. This absolutely sucks for me. I've removed over 500 posts in the last 4 days. I hate this, but the benefit to the subreddit is substantial, so I'm going to keep this going as much as I can.

Also, if a post is up that violates these rules, 99/100 times it's because I'm sleeping. I may also make a mistake or another mod might approve a post that was removed by the automod and not my manual flagging.

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Some teachers couldn't stop looking at teenagers chests if their life depended on it


and we can't wear tank tops because our shoulders are way too sexy for male students?

Edit: i'll put this here as well even tho i really don't have to explain myself, i follow the dress code ffs

since a lotta people on this thread seem to think that i go to school with my tits out, i'll add that i only own crew neck shirts

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I love my boyfriend but our sex is awful and I pretend it's great.


I love him in every way, except sex. It gets painful sometimes, and I hate anal (he loves it). I tried to tell him once but he smiled at me genuinely and said

"I know you're lying, you're just upset with me at the moment ".

I was upset with him about something unrelated to sex and this was when I chose to to tell him, about the awful sex. I haven't mentioned it since.

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Former highschool bully who made my life h*ll died in a crash and I don't feel bad.


He made my life hell from day one. Beat me up for no reason, stole CDs, tackled and ripped the old football jersey I wore to school my dad gave me before passing away and acted like it was an accident, threw my backpack out the bus window, spit in my food, ripped a text book of mine, threw bottles at me while I would walk home from school and he would drive by with his friends.... Basically just did everything in his power to make my life a living hell.

I had many crazy thoughts back then of how to handle him because of it(I never did anything though) and it was definitely the foundation for my depression, self doubt and suicidal thoughts for most of my life. I was a straight A student who never got into trouble and he was your typical football player who never got in trouble because he was really good and helped get the team to state twice, so no matter what I did or where I tried to get help they(yes even teachers) said he would never do any of the stuff i claimed he did.

I see on Facebook through a friend's post that he died in a car crash and after talking with said friend a bit it turns out it was a very bad fiery crash and he did not die on impact so I assume that means it took a while.

I don't feel bad at all.....like at ALL. I even smirked when I first read the post. It's a strange feeling ...like I don't feel overly good or happy about it necessarily I just definitely don't feel bad about it.

Edit: I am in my 30s now so the bullying was years ago.

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Recently saw a post about a black man who pushed an old Asian woman in front of the train to her death and I am angry.


The increasing amount of anti Asian hate or hate crimes on Asians aren’t being talked about that much.

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If I was a billionaire, I would just sit home and play games all day


Or read books. Everyone talks about all the wild stuff they would do and dreams they would fulfil if they had some unlimited fund of cash and didn't have to work. I really believe I would just stay at home and hang with my family and play a lot of video games.

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I can't stand people who say they have OCD when in reality they just like things to be neat!


OCD is a very serious problem for those that actually have it. Just because you like things to be neat doesn't mean you can say you have OCD when there a people that are actually suffering because of it. You're an obnoxious dick if you say you have it. End of rant

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I worry that we're teaching the next generation tribalism, not acceptance. My stepchild just got mad because the two men dancing at the start of Encanto "are just straight guys".


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My wife has days to live


My wife has terminal bowel cancer and is in her final days. We have a 6 year old daughter. I'm lost and fear for my daughters future. I hear horror stories of kids growing up without a mother, losing control and going off the rails. I'm trying so hard to be strong, but it's difficult.

...How are you today?

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I saw my dad and his girlfriend dancing together last night


I'll just make a TL-DR to my posts from last week: I grew up with an adoptive family because my father had to give me away to them shortly after I was born. My mom had died giving birth to me and, basically, he wasn't fit to take care of me. So he gave me to people who were friends of my mom's, people she trusted. And in November last year, he finally got in touch and we've reconnected.

I was spending the weekend with them (my dad and his girlfriend), but was at my friend's place most of the afternoon. I got home about 10 PM and, when I come up the landing, I could see them in the living room. Slow dancing, both smiling, both of their eyes closed. She had her head on his chest, and they kept whispering something that was making each of them laugh. They had no idea I was there and I didn't want to ruin the moment lol. So, after standing there for almost five minutes, I snuck off to my room.

I'll admit that, even though there's a part of me that wishes that was my actual mother standing there with him, I guess I'm just happy he at least found happiness in someone who wasn't just me.

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Music just slaps so fucking hard sometimes


Got me all happy and shit man like damn The moment the right song plays and you just vibes is fucking immaculate bro

Also check out car seat headrest

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I hate restaurant lingo


"Hot 'N' Zesty!" "Spicy 'N' Crispy!" "Try our new..." it all just makes me cringe so hard and I don't know why. That 'n' in the middle of just rage-inducing. I have no idea why I feel this way about restaurant lingo, I've never met anyone else who shares this dislike. Anyway it's off my chest now

Edit: thanks for the award!

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I'm losing the ability to use my hands fully and I don't know what to do.


I am an artist at heart. I love to paint, draw, make massive, detailed collages, do all sorts of papercraft, I love to do woodwork, I'm a skilled baker and cook... If it's expressed with my hands, I am good at it and it fulfills me.

I'm developing arthritis, and it's settled into both hands (and both feet but that's moot). Yesterday, I was cooking a huge meal and I was in tears with the pain in my hands. What normally takes me 5 minutes these days, takes an hour due to taking breaks to relax my hands.

I have several half-finished paintings because I can't hold a brush for long anymore.

I have turned down helping my friend build an off grid cabin because I can hardly hold a hammer.

Even my day job is computer based, and if I don't type a very specific way, it hurts.

I don't sing, or dance, or anything else. My hands are my liveliness and my happiness. I feel like a musician that's slowly going deaf.

I know I can modify activities and learn workarounds, and I have been trying that but also? I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO THAT. I just want my hands to work normally and not hurt.

Honestly, on top of everything, the state of the world, the stagnation of everything... My hands not working properly is just the last straw for me. It's hard to see the bright side of anything these days and now it hurts to make art.

It just isn't fair.

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I got married to my husband after a week of dating


So I actually knew him for four months in total and we had become best friends. We decided to officially date and once we realized we were physically compatible we got married.

I only feel the need to make this post because so many peope (understandably so) think we're insane. I understand that sentiment, but negative thoughts about it cluster the back of my mind and make me feel like I made a mistake

Overall our relationship is still thriving! Obviously we had some tough convos or disagreements, because we had to make big adjustments in a short amount of time. What makes me not worried is our maturity when it comes to finding common ground on various life issues.

I just wish people could share there excitement for me, and save their negative thoughts.

EDIT: Thank you for all of the kind words, stories, and advice!! I def can't respond to all of you, but I will do my best to keep y'all updated.... Especially those who set reminders -_- /s

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I FINALLY have my driving license!


I have officially passed my driving license exam on Friday. After so many attempts, full blown anxiety attacks, tons of pills and crying sessions, I WAS ABLE TO.

I am just so happy and relived I could burst. All my friends have it already and I was thinking I was gonna be the one who couldn't.


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I’m so burned out from Covid


Seriously It’s been two fucking years. I m vaxxed and boosted and honestly my fucks to give are running mighty low. I know it can be real bad to catch but at the same time I feel like it’s only a matter of time before I get it.

Im so fucking sick of talking about it and hearing others talk about it. It’s boring at this point. Im pissed that everything has to be a production nowadays. Case in point, I’m getting together with friends for lunch and everyone is home testing. Though it’s not a huge deal, I’m so fucking done that it makes me not want to even bother. I feel like all the joy gets sucked out of things when we get bogged down with Covid details. Seriously fuck this shit. Omricon isn’t gonna kill me. It’s milder and I’m boosted. And yes I know I’m not immune and I can get sick and it could possibly be bad. But Jesus Fucking Christ I am at my breaking point here and it’s exhausting.

Please, I don’t want to get in any heated discussion or argument. This is what I’m FEELING. I still do the right things (vax, mask, social distance, etc) and I am doing my part. Im just really really really exhausted by it all.

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I don't want to see Tom Brady in any more SuperBowls


Enough already, dude. We get it, you're the GOAT. Can the rest of us move on, now? 😓🥴😝

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I got the job!


Just throwing this to the void.

I was able to get the job!!! Feels like I can finally start the next chapter of my life. I do have those moments where it feels like I didn't accomplish anything in my 20s but it all had to happen to get to where I am now.

With everything going on in the world being able to get a small victory is huge. Im going hold onto this feel good moment for a while.

The job will have its ups and downs but i'm excited and can't wait!

I hope everyone is able to get something great out of this year! Have a great day!

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As a quiet kid, I’m so bored of the cheap jokes everyone makes about us.


I’m a senior in high school turning 18 next month and I’ve been ostracized almost my whole life because I’m a quiet kid and I’m very introverted.

First of all, I have high-functioning autism, which hinders my ability to socialize with people. Secondly, I’m very bashful. My whole life, I’ve been terrible at socializing and I keep my distance from everyone as best as I can. I also have severe social anxiety, even crippling me in school.

It’s just so tiring living in a society where everyone gets praised for being like everyone else, but if you’re different, you deserve to be slandered like you’re committing a crime against humanity and society.

No, I’m not violent because I’m a quiet kid. I just got nothing to say to y’all, and quite frankly, I’m just not fond of y’all.

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I hate my wife's parents so much I want to scream at them. her dad has disowned her for a stupid little argument, her mother has paid for her siblings education, house deposit and not to mention giving them constant money and has given my wife nothing. not even love. not even the odd call :(


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I ran without experiencing pain today


Today, for the first time in almost a year, I ran around 3-4 meters without experiencing any nerve pain.

So there's progress :)