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I get a lot of hate just for existing as a landlord




u/omnomnami82 1d ago

The issue with landlords imo is not being a landlord itself but the fact that temporary housing now makes up such a massive portion of the real estate industry. I think renting is a fantastic option for people in a transient period of their life—students, people who recently moved to the area, etc,. I would say the same for airbnb, it’s a very cool idea and way to visit a new place. However, there are so many rentals/landlords/airbnbs now that the price of housing has skyrocketed because the availability of housing has become scarce. It has gotten to the point where buying is completely inaccessible and renting is the only option. For some places, you’re looking at $1M+ starting price for a townhome.

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u/soundandfuriously 2d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

I got really lucky with my house I bought. See, I’m poor. I have a college degree, but I’m raising twin teenagers by myself on a high school teacher’s salary. Someone like me should never be able to own a house in today’s market. All the cheap fixer uppers like mine get bought up right away by people who already own several houses. And these fuckers pay around $700 in mortgage and charge the tenants $1200-$1500 a month in rent.

The lady who sold her house was adamant that the property not going to someone who was going to rent it out. She chose me as a buyer because I had a family and would be living there.

So, yeah, I get the hate.


u/NewPointOfView 1d ago

Good lord can $700 really be a mortgage payment? I imagine you’re talking about a lower COL area but still that blows my mind that I could be spending half each month and accumulating wealth while I’m at it. I realize there are going to be more expenses when owning, but still, $700 is so cheap!


u/Komorebi_Horizons 1d ago

My mortgage is $816 (includes principle loan, interest, homeowner’s insurance and taxes!!) for a 1400+ sq. ft Victorian duplex with 4 bed/1bath. Bought in 2019. Maryland suburbs. It’s totally doable even if higher COL. We used a USDA loan and paid 0 down as well! More people need to look into those!!

And… With the money saved from not renting anymore, we can add in the second bathroom soon! Look into USDA seriously. It’s not always just rural areas either :)


u/CDMOlde 1d ago

My parents just paid their mortgage in the last 5 years. My dad said it wasn’t even 400 euro a month for the last 10 years of payment. I’m paying 1000 a month to rent a one bedroom house and attic - my parents house is 4 beds and converted attic?

This is in Ireland, landlords are abusing the fact that banks aren’t giving mortgages out rn, especially to a 25 year old like me.


u/kool-aid-and-pizza 1d ago edited 1d ago

It used to be easy to get a mortgage by 25. Hell by 20 back in the late 80s. My parents bought their first house out of high school my dad a factory worker (Ford). Mom stay at home. You could never do that now!


u/LaBeja21 1d ago

Idk when you bought it but if it's in the corridor with the prices right now!?!?!?! That's a steal. That's like eastern shore or mountain Maryland prices


u/Miserable_Violinist8 1d ago

They said they bought it in 2019, so before the prices got crazy like they are now

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u/Alex_J_Anderson 1d ago

Sweet fucking Jesus. If I was to buy a small house in my neighborhood a mortgage would run me $3k to $5k.

Instead I rent for $2000 a month - a large 2 bedroom which makes me extremely lucky.

I need to move.

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u/proletariatpopcorn 1d ago

Yeah, the system is made to exploit people exactly like you.

We get outbid on every property by wealthy buyers who want to use us as a profit mill. There are no landlords who aren’t ultimately in it to make money even if some of them are empathetic like OP says they were. So ultimately we pay more in rent than they do in mortgage, but we don’t get any equity. Instead, they get the equity and a little lifestyle bump from the extra income. Meanwhile, we pay more than the property is worth for the rent, so it’s even harder to save up and buy our own space eventually. Once you’re a renter, it’s difficult to break out.

At OP: The concept of landlords and renting is fundamentally exploitative of low-income individuals. No, I don’t think they should exist for the most part. I don’t feel bad for you and your many houses.


u/focokp 1d ago

This. 🔥


u/Saiyomi93 1d ago

You just had to swoop in and ruin his woe is me my friends think I exploit the poor story.

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u/Dull_String1852 2d ago

Honestly it’s becoming a class war- it’s the have’s and have nots


u/populisttrope 2d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote This

It is a class war. People are slowly coming to the realization that the neocons and neolibs are creating the divide on purpose. They believe in Social Darwinism and the more they make you hate Trumpers, Antifa, immigrants, prolifers, pro choicers BLM, gun owners or environmentalists the less you will care that you don't have health care, retirement, affordable housing , healthy food choices , a decent job or a clean planet. Just turn on Msnbc or Fox and watch the propaganda at work.


u/UpsetDaddy19 1d ago Gold Helpful Wholesome Eureka!

People need to start asking themselves who is benefiting from everyone hating each other


u/U1tramadn3ss 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver

Was not expecting such a meta thread on this post.

Edit: thanks for the silver? Lol but yeah most people in the USA are confused on the line between human rights and luxuries— through no fault of their own, mind you.


u/GForceHangover 1d ago

It’s the real questions we need to ask.

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u/Elle3786 1d ago

Same. My partner and I have a very similar conversation on a regular basis, but we just feel like outliers. As if no one else has noticed that if everyone just stopped fighting about dumb things maybe, just maybe, we could work together and change important things


u/NotBobLazar 1d ago

I find peace in knowing that others like us exist in the US. I’m slightly optimistic that there are many of us and we’ll find a way in the future to bring about positive change to our country.

I think we have some dark times ahead of us first though…

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u/alucard9114 1d ago

Out of touch rich people are not the problem the problem is that they are the ones making the rules for the majority even if they are the minority! My local government is a perfect example I live in a poor area in north county San Diego and all the leaders here are wealthy Real estate investors. We have many problems with gangs drugs and homeless but all they do is build up the small wealthy areas and fix zero issues of the majority of the people. We need to make a rule that our leaders can’t make more than the average income of the nation!


u/Thoughtful_Mouse 1d ago

Then they convince the lower middle class that not prosecuting crimes that disproportionately harm poor people is somehow enlightened.

Easy to not care about gun violence and theft when you live in a mansion behind a ten foot wall.

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u/ThinkingWithPortal 1d ago

The wealthy? I think the wealthy are profiting.

I.e., why everyone else is pointing at a class war.


u/A_Very_Blue_Tomato 1d ago Silver Platinum Helpful Wholesome This Eureka!

According to American history the rich have successfully sustained an intentional racial divide since the Baker rebellion before America was its own.

Baker rebellion burned down a massive plantation and proved black and brown people teaming up with poor whites lead to danger for the rich.

So what does the plantation owner do? Give the whites a small raise and a tiny pedestal and remind them that they’re one step above a slave.

Not saying this created American racism but the rich learned this lesson a looooooong time ago.

Not even gonna talk about voting rights.

It shows up again in the New Deal from 100 years ago. Yes it gave us welfare and worker rights but for who? Not for jobs dominantly employed by people of color (at the time) which is why we have to tip our babysitters, restaurant staff and subsidize our farmers.

You see it again in the 50s through 70s when it comes to housing. Racist covenants preventing black people from buying property, red lining, etc.. a bombardment of policies disallowing black peoples to buy property while well off white families began a story of generational wealth. Of course, poor whites couldn’t afford the homes but they could at least buy them!

And now here we are talking about the class division caused by one’s ability to own a home.

America systemically sustains a divide between poor people of color and poor white people. America does this because rich people have and have always had too much influence over what our government does. Why do you think we had a civil war we over slavery(business)?


u/Neurotic_Bakeder 1d ago

Blew my mind when I learned about the Virginia slave codes. We can pinpoint the day systemic divides between black and white workers began. The day.

I think some amount of ingroup-outgroup tension is normal, but this is a whole nother ballgame


u/tells_you_hard_truth 1d ago

Yep. Take a normal human behavior, use rhetoric to ramp it up to 1000, then when someone calls you on it you say (and you train your sheep to say): “but it was always like this!”


u/CarpAndTunnel 1d ago

So what does the plantation owner do? Give the whites a small raise and a tiny pedestal and remind them that they’re one step above a slave.

What your describing is called a social heirarchy; a pyramid basically. The rich want to make things as stratisfied as possible. They want the system to be very stable - as long as they remain at the top. And they give enough to the people below them to keep it all working (or try to, dont underestimate stupidity).

An example of this is the police. Cops near me make 150k/year. Now we all know they arent worth it, including themselves. But they take the money to protect the system. Trying to institute fairness would be a direct threat to their way of life

We could write books about these issues, but it wont matter. People dont want these problems solved or studied, they just want themselves at the top.

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u/IAMSTILLHERE2020 1d ago

Let's see. Out of every dollar. 1 person owns .50c. The next 9 people own .45c. The rest of us have to fight for the .05c left on the trash.

Yet it seems all conflicts are started by the rich and powerful.


u/Conscious_Bug5408 1d ago

1 person has 50c. The next nine people own about 5c each. The other 90 people fight over the remaining 5c. Nobody bothers the guy with 50c because they figure it's just one guy.

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u/Emotional_Trade6286 1d ago



u/C0wseed 1d ago

Said basically this on another thread. It's a game where those that react the loudest and most extreme lose. So I just try my best to be calm and not really give a shit anymore.

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u/Jsizzle19 1d ago

‘Healthy food choices’: honestly, i don’t think this can be stressed enough. Eating healthy is fucking expensive.

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u/aworldwithoutshrimp 2d ago

No war but class war


u/trippyphysicist 1d ago

Always has been


u/ReverseCaptioningBot 1d ago

Always has been

this has been an accessibility service from your friendly neighborhood bot

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u/mceggy_ 2d ago



u/John_Parott 2d ago

How many landlords won the sperm lottery?

Judging by the number of Forbes 400 winners who inherited their $$$, I'll bet more than a few. For those who didn't float out of the end of the right dick every year gets harder. And that's not even discussing the giant investment funds buying up whole zip codes to keep the cycle of greed going.


u/Altruistic-Text3481 1d ago

And this is why OP is judged. It’s not you OP, it is the unjust systems in place in the so-called “Greatest Country on Earth that God ever gave Man!”… Honestly OP, accountants, bankers, hedge fund managers, tax auditors, plumbers even get a bad rap. Hold your head high. I’m a casino dealer and take a lot of abuse when players lose. It’s your job, not you. You sound like a wonderful landlord and a godsend for all your tenants during Covid. In casino terms, your tenants hit the Jackpot when renting from you!!!


u/-Ripper2 1d ago

I also know some old people that rent out a couple houses that are their livelihood. If it wasn’t for them getting that rent money, their Social Security would not be enough. So it’s hard on the landlord and the tenents.

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u/Rubricae98 2d ago

I don’t hate you man. I’m just a renter who hates the game we gotta play.


u/InternalRazzmatazz 1d ago

Monopoly: eviction conniption


u/StaredAtEclipseAMA 1d ago

Life necessities: let’s lease those

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u/janbradybutacat 1d ago

I honestly wonder why many people don’t have as much hate for banks as they do landlords. How did we forget that banks gave people predatory loans, causing the housing crisis, which then saw people evicted and bankrupt, making it extremely difficult to ever buy a house again, forcing them to rent for the rest of their lives. It’s enough to make me believe in a conspiracy theory that banks are making social media posts to put hate on landlords.


u/PM_Your_GPU_Sales 1d ago

The banks also never lose. The Federal Reserve exists to hand your purchasing power directly to banks.

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u/centrafrugal 1d ago

Do you know many people who like banks?


u/janbradybutacat 1d ago

Lol, honestly, I know a few who support the banks they use. It does horrify me. I was more wondering why we (Americans) abandoned the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Plus, I think we should hate banks, Wall Street, and landlords equally.

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u/fraudrig0 1d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome This

you really went mask off with the edit there bud.


u/BaronVonKeyser 1d ago

"I'm a good person, you stupid piece of shit"


u/matryoshka_03 1d ago

Yeah lol that “I would happily watch people go homeless” really made it for me. What the fuck kind of good person would want people to be homeless holy shit..


u/msvanderp 1d ago


u/matryoshka_03 23h ago

Tbh that was a niceguy moment

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u/acchaladka 1d ago

He could have saved us the trouble of reading his post even and just wrote that.

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u/SWAMPMONK 1d ago

Seriously what is this garbage post. “Please validate me 👉👈” “wait… the internet is mean sometimes? Guess im a super villian now!”

Seriously OP. Get a grip.


u/rhaeyntargaryen 1d ago

Poor little lord didn’t get the reaction he wanted.


u/Pernapple 1d ago

Seriously, maybe…maybe you’re not a good landlord?!?. Maybe you’re the exact issue. Clearly sees people as nothing more than an income stream. Owns 40 properties that would be better off in the hands of the actual tenants who could accrue their own capital because housing is a major way to build capital for the middle class.

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u/Redemption_Tour 1d ago

He went full Pat Bateman

"My pain is constant and sharp and I do not wish for a better world for anyone" -OP, probably


u/pimpnamedthiccback 1d ago

"I only own a few houses and I'm a really nice guy 😇" "I own 40 condos and I hate people and I hope you all fucking die" Like damn if I didn't hate landlords before I probably do now


u/Ogopogo_ 1d ago

And it wasn't even a good mask to begin with.


u/PJgotting 1d ago

What’s op’s profit margin? Does op raise rent every year just because? Fixing things and maintenance are things to be expected, not congratulated.

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u/Loganb419 1d ago

I love how OP is like "I'm better than all the other landlords I don't understand why I get so much hate" And then tells people they own 40 condos and would happily watch people go homeless out if spite, hmmm I wonder why people don't like landlords.

Also OP has no engaged with the conversation at all, zero comments, just an edit

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u/octochihuahua 1d ago

Were you hoping people would hold your hand and tell you you’re not contributing to a housing crisis? Jesus. Your update just proves how much of a piece of shit you are lol. Keep feeling bad, you obviously deserve the guilt.


u/AstarteSnow 1d ago Helpful

That edit is exactly why.


u/TapoutKing666 1d ago

Yeah, the edit is very revealing. Imagine having that level of persecution fetish, making a post like this, just to throw it all out the window when a community holds a mirror up to their face.

The door swings both ways, bud. OP is not making a very good case for when landlords eventually get Mao’d by the desperate masses. They’re a profiteer of human suffering and are remorseless in their doings. People like them are all the motivation we need to storm the gates and have our own little cocktail party.


u/sancheezmo16 1d ago

This is who they truly are.

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u/Mysterious-Canary842 2d ago Silver Gold Helpful

My landlord is a nice guy, he’s friendly and lenient. He also charges me more than half my pay check a month to live in a studio apartment that is the size of some people’s living room.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my apartment. I think it’s charming, but it feels pretty shit when he rolls up in his Porsche with 100k worth of Cartier bracelets (no joke), meanwhile I basically live month to month. I have no spare room in my bank account to put any savings away, not that it would matter because people like him make it impossible for me to ever think about owning a house. The ironic thing is I’m not even working a part time, zero hour job with unpredictable pay. I’m 21 and work in upper management for a large company, 25 years ago I’d have no issues owning a house. My parents bought their first house at my age after getting married and all my dad did at the time was shift some tires about while my mum worked at a library. It does weigh over my head every day that he could just sell my property and I’d have basically nowhere to go. That’s why you get hate, because you’ve directly contributed to ruining the housing market and a lot of people’s basic dream of having a place to call their own. I just want that stability.


u/Criticism-Lazy 1d ago

The American dream was only ever thus.


u/Mysterious-Canary842 1d ago

The British dream for me lmao


u/Chimp-eh 1d ago

We have had a chronic housing shortage for a long time in the U.K. (recently read road to Wigan pier and that book talks about chronic housing shortages in the 30s!). This is exacerbated in the south especially around London leading to these ridiculous rents for small properties, but even in the grim north my mortgage is £500 a month and I could rent out my property for £850-£950 a month, the problem is a constant house shortage that won’t ever be fixed when the people in charge are in the most case landlords themselves. It’s in their interest to make it hard to buy homes for working class people.

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u/moeru_gumi 1d ago

I am a govt employee. Married, no kids, 1 cat. My monthly rent on this apartment is more than I make every month. If my spouse lost their job we would be fucked.

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u/thismatters 1d ago

My landlord is a nice guy too but $20k per year is exorbitant. If heads start rolling I wouldn't cry for him.

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u/LookAtYourEyes 2d ago

I think everyone would be better off if they owned their own houses/properties. Renting is useful for students and temporary living situations. Beyond that I think it's so strange we've normalized renting for life.


u/Firethorn101 1d ago

It's normalized because greedy people have more than one home. It's normalized because those greedy people inflate the cost of housing above what ordinary people can pay.

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u/Theothercword 1d ago

True but this also is a product of a deeper problem. People can’t afford to buy housing is one factor but the reason for that is also stagnant wages. If wages had kept up more people could be engaging in real estate investment. And likewise if real estate investment wasn’t the only seemingly solid type of investment one could do then less people would go that route to secure future gains. I only own one house and I live in it but looking ahead to retirement I’m realizing that a 401k and social security is only going to get me so far and it’s not nearly far enough. Becoming a landlord is a way to retire for some people, hell it’s an option I’ve considered if I can ever manage to buy another house.

I would love to have a rule that everyone gets an actually significant discount on a house for the first time or w/e it would take, but it’s got to also be coupled with a better wages all around and a better safety net for everyone so less people felt compelled to grab as much as they can.


u/Thrud_The_Barbarian 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Stagnant wages depress the price of building a house too though.

The problem is outside money. Ban foreign nationals and companies from owning residential property.

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u/BaPef 1d ago

I would have to be making over $300,000 a year to afford the same size house to meet the standard of living my family had in 1993. That house costs so much more to build today and sold sight unseen in a day when they retired and moved to a smaller single story. The job my dad had when he bought it is only making $40,000 more a year starting then when he got it in 1987 and could not afford the same quality of life.


u/Theothercword 1d ago

For sure! Costs have been soaring and wages stagnant which is crippling. When minimum wage was made if it had kept up with inflation today would be something like $30+/hr, IIRC.

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u/AtomicstereoZ10 1d ago

OP's First Sentence - "I own a few houses and I consider myself a decent landlord."

OP's Last Sentence - "I currently own 40 condos, and I would buy more just to spite idiots and watch them happily go homeless. FUCK YOU ALL."


u/pawwsome 1d ago

he's all "why won't my wage pigs support me" 😡

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u/GingerGiantz1992 2d ago Silver Wholesome

Landlords made more sense in the past.

But when rent is more than a mortgage on the same residence then we have a problem.

I'm not saying you are doing this. But that is why landlords are seen as scum.


u/wildwildtata 2d ago

This. I was paying 3000 a month to rent a house and the owner decided to sell and asked me if I wanted to buy, now I pay roughly the same but that is all expenses included and I'm building equity. Shits crazy.


u/[deleted] 1d ago

My total mortgage including property tax is 1700 a month…. And I have a nice 400k house in a low- mid COL.

… that’s about what apartments are where I live. And I get way more space and privacy and I’m building equity. I’m not just throwing the cash away.

Had rent been cheaper I wouldn’t have gotten a house, but I had just enough cash to put down 20% and keep an emergency fund so I did.

If rent was like 800 bucks for a decent spot, I’d probably just keep renting and buy a big house when I was ready.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for those who have the monthly income but just don’t have the down payment.

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u/rubies-and-doobies81 1d ago

Hey! My SO and I are doing the same thing. We just made our first house payment this month. It's small, but it's ours.


u/wildwildtata 1d ago

Congrats, it's an exciting and scary first experience! Good luck

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u/ADayOrALifetime 1d ago

Are you setting money aside for repairs and maintenance? Just be sure to factor that in. It can be really expensive and often kinda surprising.


u/wildwildtata 1d ago

I have been putting a small amount aside for any problems that may come up, had the house for 7 months now and so far so good so fingers crossed

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u/theatreshmeatre 2d ago edited 1d ago Helpful

best answer. now that people who buy and rent out properties (as a whole) have caused it to be nearly impossible to actually buy a house in my city, there's a huge divide. the landlords snatch up any property that pops up and you have to make an offer way over the asking price just to have a chance -- which is unrealistic to the average person. so now most people here are trapped in a cycle of paying rent while they normally would have been fully capable of buying a house before this got so bad. I can say that your tenants most likely appreciate what you do, and that's what matters. Just keep making empathetic decisions without letting yourself get walked all over.

EDIT: I don't like how I phrased the first sentence and added two words to properly get my point across.


u/ChubbyGhost3 1d ago

Exactly this. I was homeless recently for 3 months because there was nowhere to buy that wasn't insane and rent was +1,500 with a required x3 rent salary like... It was the worst I've ever seen, I had to leave the state to find a home


u/theatreshmeatre 1d ago

ding ding ding! I would not be in my apartment if I didn't have BOTH parents be able to cosign for me! absolutely ridiculous. both have good scores and a solid credit history too. I'm beyondddd thankful.

I'm sorry you had to go through that 😭


u/suktupbutterkup 1d ago

i’m sorry that you were put in that position. Yeah you! for coming out on top!

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u/VladD-ImpalerOfUrMom 1d ago

Yeah my wife is a doctor and I’m a truck driver and even we are having issues trying to find a house they get snapped up by super wealthy people and many realestate agents don’t even list prices on houses here you have to call up and ask, it’s a nightmare.

My sister in law who is a teacher and her partner who is in demolition are sort of in a similar problem.


u/Luisd858 1d ago

Yeah buying and flipping/renting houses is the new get rich quick scheme besides crypto currency. It sucks because now even some investment firms with big pockets are outbidding everyone and buying homes to rent out. Something needs to change eventually because this shit is going to get bad one day.


u/PotawatomieJohnBrown 1d ago

No tenant appreciates paying their landlord’s mortgage, no matter how nice they might appear.

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u/spookylucas 1d ago

My favorite thing is how you can pay a landlord thousands every month but banks won’t accept that as proof you can pay the same amount or less to them and so you still need to somehow also save a huge ass deposit. Makes no sense other than keeping people from owning houses.

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u/BurningOrangeHeaven 1d ago

Mortgage payment is not the true cost of ownership.

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u/eye_patch_willy 1d ago

When you rent, that's the max you'll pay for housing that month. A mortgage is the minimum.


u/MiltonFreidmanMurder 1d ago

A mortgage isn’t a cost - it is equity saved and often appreciated.

Rent is pissed out of the window.

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u/Casuallyperusing 1d ago

"I own a few houses". If you want to be a landlord and own investment properties, buy a multi-plex. It's infuriating to see boutique landlords who own multiple entry-level homes renting them out at more than what a family would pay towards a mortgage on the same house.

In my area, every entry level home that has hit the market in the last 4 years has gotten a paint job and immediately been put up for rent at 400$ over what a mortgage+taxes+utilities would cost. Every. Single. Home.


u/leeseweese 1d ago

Seriously! It’s even worse in my area. A 3 bed, 2 bath house in my parents’s neighborhood is being rented out for $2,800/month. My parents’s mortgage on their 3 bed 2.5 bath house is $1,300 (built in 2003) Same neighborhood. Those people are renting it out that high because of “the market”. Such greed.

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u/L1L1V 2d ago

My landlord refused to give me receipts. Wrongfully withheld my deposit and lied to my new landlord about tenancy. He owns 4 restaurants and several other properties. I rented from him for 4 years and he raised my rent from 1500 to 1750. I had to threaten to withhold rent just for him to fix my stove. This was after 6 months. I moved because I just couldn't afford the rent on my own and all my roommates moved out. He was more concerned about January's rent then me finding more affordable housing. I only make 14 an hr.


u/SockPuppetOrSth 1d ago

I had a rat infestation in my student home. When we reported the issue, my landlord first accused us of being liars, and then blamed us and said it was our fault cos we “kept food in the kitchen”, and then ignored our ongoing pleas. I had to live in a house infested with rats for 9 months. No one helped us, not the landlord or the letting agency or the council.

Eventually just moved out to another house and some other poor students moved in after us. It’s a fucking joke.


u/xViridi_ 1d ago

food in the kitchen? of course you’d have rats!!


u/SockPuppetOrSth 1d ago

Silly me for keeping food in my cupboards so I can eat and stay alive!!!

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u/ahhhhhhhhhhhhhwtf 1d ago

My landlord started a project to replace the radiators in our 120 year old building (because she was told that there was absolutely no chance they would survive another winter), and chose to do so starting in September. Radiators we’re removed, holes were knocked into walls, a mold issue was discovered, and she decided she didn’t want to pay so much for the contractors that started the project. Switched to a couple of dudes from craigslist, who worked a couple of hours a few times a week. Mid-December it was reaching temperatures 10-20°F and we had no heat. She ignored our calls and e-mails. Decided to graciously lend each apartment a $40 space heater (told us we had to keep the accompanying packaging and receipts) which we could only plug in in the kitchen. Our apartments only finally got heat when the tenants called in the city who sent out an inspector. 19°F on the third floor of the building when he came out. She got multiple citations from the city. Still wouldn’t reduce our rent for the multiple months we were without heat and A/C.

There was also a squatter living in the unfinished basement which housed the laundry machines. One washer one dryer for 15 people in the building, $4/load plus you had to run the dryer twice.


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u/RealAlienTwo 1d ago

The update here is mighty revealing

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u/genescheesesthatplz 1d ago

Why do you need so much?


u/XyRabbit 1d ago

I wish I could give more than 1 up vote... Why does anyone need 4 homes?


u/Psychoanalytix 1d ago

So they dont have to work and can live off the wealth of others.

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u/cheesedick42069 1d ago edited 1d ago

Lmao the edit confirms OP is a just another slumlord piece of shit who thought they could get sympathy because they're "not like the other landlords"


u/pawwsome 1d ago

the edit had me pissing my pants he really thought we would be on his side

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u/Pr3ttyL4m3 1d ago

You went from “I have a few houses” to “I have 40 condos & want you all to rot” realll fucking quick. Holy shit, it wrote itself


u/Ok_Serve_4099 1d ago

“I’m a good person I swear. I could easily fuck people over if i wanted”

The Edit shows exactly why people hate you. You feel like you could ruin someone out of spite because you have the ability to hold a place to live over there heads.

You’re a piece of shit in real life aren’t you?


u/TheRealLestat 1d ago

A landlord is an unnecessary barrier to housing.

Doesn't mean OP is the antichrist. Just that his "job" isn't labor because it does not produce, only gatekeeps a resource.


u/PricklyAvocado 1d ago

Definitely not the antichrist. Just a giant leech that thinks they deserve acknowledgment for not being a complete monster

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u/Boogaloogaloogalooo 1d ago Wholesome

They are paying you, for your surplus of housing, when they could be owning that house themselves and often times for a lesser payment than rent.

In a nation with a housing crisis, you kinda are contributing to the problem. All so you can make a buck.

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u/LittleChuchiFace 1d ago Gold

Why do you need so many houses?


u/pepsiCobra 1d ago

Youtube voice You see, the key is passive income.

Watch my channel to learn how you too can become successful just by purchasing 15 houses and/or investing money you don’t have.


u/KalmarLoridelon 1d ago

It’s the easiest way to exploit poor people and make money. The “better you than me” mentality. If their suffering prevents mine then it ok. Gotta look out for #1.

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u/kerri_may 2d ago Silver Helpful (Pro)

If landlords didn’t buy up multiple properties to make a profit out of them, the price of houses would come down and people like me who are currently working their ass off to save a deposit might actually have a real chance of buying a house before i hit 35.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that house prices have skyrocketed in the last 20 years since “buy to let” became the done thing that people did for their retirement nest egg instead of buying private pensions.

It’s affecting all areas of people’s lives. For example I wouldn’t have a kid until i have bought a house, because i have been forced out of my rental properties twice due to the landlord wanting to sell. That wouldn’t be fun if i had school age kids. I can’t have a dog. I can’t decorate how i want. It fricking sucks.


u/LadyOfVoices 2d ago

In my subdivision, they won’t sell you a house unless you sign an agreement that you will live here and not rent it out for X amount of years.


u/kerri_may 1d ago

Brilliant idea!

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u/Jardien 2d ago

^this. Landlords who owns one house and rents out some parts of the house are reasonable. Landlords who owns multiple homes to rent out the houses they dont live in are people I will never sympathize with.

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u/Dealunbreaker 1d ago

I'm 36 and working 3 jobs. My partner and I cleared over 6 figures combined last year.

We will likely never own a home.

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u/maxwell8998 1d ago

yeah it is the fact you exist. the younger generation is completely in debt and most can't think about buying their first home, which is supposed to be one of the great parts of the U.S.

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u/ayyha 2d ago Helpful Wholesome

“I own a few houses” That’s the problem there. It’s becoming mainstream to buy up and hoard multiple properties for profit, pricing out a lot of people from the market, thus they’re stuck renting forever.


u/vastmovement 1d ago Helpful

This is it. It's not good vs bad landlords. Landlords, as a job, keeping housing unaffordable and out of reach for many is not what our society needs


u/LocalGM 1d ago

"Landlord" shouldn't really be a job title imo. Not in the sense of "my job is to buy as many houses i can to profit off people who can't afford a single home". It's not a job. Especially since it doesn't really contribute to society.


u/RevolutionaryPin5616 1d ago

Being a landlord isn’t labor. That’s the simplest way to put it.


u/McFestus 1d ago

Rent-seeking is the only economic activity that increases one's wealth without adding overall wealth to the economy.

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u/Mediocre-Frosting-77 1d ago

It’s a status symbol or title. It’s a statement of what you have, not what you do. You wouldn’t say “I’m a millionaire for a living”.

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u/daccal_ 1d ago

And the “good” ones like him want a pat on the back for not making his tenants homeless. Ugh.

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u/DASAdventureHunter 2d ago Silver Gold

Everyone should have a place to live before one person has many.


u/ayyha 1d ago

There’s plenty to go around, but greed is a cancer to the human race.

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u/erktheerk 2d ago

Even you distance yourself from your peers by saying "like most other landlords" throughout your post. Why do you think that is? Not all drug dealers are scum bags who will sell without scruples to kids, but you don't see drug dealers bitching about not being liked by their community when they get passed over for the softball team.


u/BoxxyFoxxy 2d ago

I personally don’t hate landlords but I noticed that too. He doesn’t want people to generalize landlords, but then he goes and does the same thing.


u/IronDBZ 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver

It's hard to admit that you're in a morally compromised position, especially when you otherwise try to act morally.

There is no good slave owner, but there were kind ones.

There are no good cops, but there are kind ones.

But to be kind, charitable, and good natured in one instance is not a guarantee that one will always be this way, and it doesn't change the facts of what you are doing to another person.

If all landlords were like OP, few would take offense to landlords in general.

But also.

If all landlords were like OP, that wouldn't change the facts of their living off other people's wealth.

I don't envy OP, he doesn't seem like too bad of a guy. But that's all the more reason he should transition his tenants onto some kind of buy-out plan if he's truly a good man/woman (I don't see too many female landlords).

Recoup his investments and try to find a better way to make a living.

Edit: Gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Now there is no doubt. I hope his car gets scratched.


u/EchoEquivalent 1d ago

The edit definitely showed OP’s true colors lmao

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u/TapoutKing666 1d ago

Don’t expect people to respect your profession if it’s anywhere within the For-Profit-Human-Rights industry. Passive income is not a reality for a majority of people. I don’t know a single person IRL who looks to their landlord favorably. I live in a city, and most peoples entire income goes towards just having a tiny apartment.


u/typicalgoatfarmer 1d ago

I am one of the lucky ones after all these years of renting I finally have landlords that are responsive, willing to fix things and considerate with the amount they charge us. It’s amazing. I’d still rather own but I haven’t set myself up to do so.

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u/AffectionateDeadDeer 1d ago

"Shouldn't landlords exist?"

There's more housing than there are people in America yet we have homeless.

Morally, no.

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u/scattered-sketches 1d ago

I’m probably going to get downvoted but that edit is why people hate landlords. What, people made fun of you online so your first thought is to fuck over poor people and gladly watch them become homeless? Gee wonder where the hate comes from.

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u/zapburd 1d ago

If anyone is wondering why we hate landlords just read the last part of his edit.


u/Ferrovir 1d ago Silver Gold Helpful Starry This

The reasoning is this: so many of us will never be able to own a house. The thing we were told we would be able to do if we worked, went to college, got a job and worked hard. Meanwhile on the other hand you own properties. You may not have a job. You may not even work. What exactly do you bring to society other than preventing somebody else from realizing a dream of owning a house?

Societal speaking landlords provide nothing and only leech off those they rent to.

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u/Shomer_Effin_Shabbas 1d ago

It's not like you're doing "God's work."


u/LankySeat 1d ago edited 1d ago

No kidding, this post is ridiculous.

I'm also a call away for all of my tenants, and I make sure to fix any issues bugging them immediately unlike most of the landlords.

What? You expect me to start applauding? That's your fucking job, not some kind of community service.

I'm sorry most landlords don't do the bare minimum; however, that doesn't suddenly mean you're eligible for some kind of medal just because you do.


u/night4345 1d ago edited 1d ago

That's what they do. Set low expectations by not doing the few jobs they're supposed to do and playing the selfless savior when they do.

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u/BurlyJohnBrown 22h ago

Parasite. Nice mask off edit, I wonder where all the hate comes from.


u/barbedseacucumber 1d ago

"A few houses" is not 40 condos. Go fuck yourself


u/luckiestblock 1d ago edited 1d ago

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Op: I am a nice guy who just happens to be a landlord, it’s just my line for work and says nothing about who I am.

Also Op: If you say mean things on the internet to me on a throwaway Reddit account I not only want to buy up the place you live, I want to personally watch you go homeless

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u/Thisisredred 1d ago

This dude is an absolute asshole.


u/longassmoney 1d ago

Soooo you’re hoarding homes


u/k_manweiss 1d ago Wholesome

Farmers make their money by growing food. They sell this food to people that need it to eat. Farming is hard work. It takes massive investments. It's risky. A storm, picking the wrong crop, pests, or any other number of things can ruin the profits for a long time. They don't tend to grow in size. They don't tend to horde and consolidate. They provide a necessary service. Fair pay for fair work. People need food, farmers provide food for a fair price, it's a noble profession.

A landlord makes their money by simply owning something. They simply own it, which in turn makes them wealthy. They turn that wealth into even more ownership. They horde and consolidate a limited resource, and then charge people for something that is just as necessary as food. Landlords prey upon others.

Don't get me wrong, not all landlords are horrible people. Not all of them refuse to fix things. Not all of them jack up the rents as often and as much as humanly possible. Not all of them evict people as quick as possible. Not all of them are slum lords. Not all of them exploit the weakest among us. Not all of them game the system at the expense of their tenants. But enough do, possibly even the majority, that they've created a bad name for their entire profession.

I suppose you carry your same thought to other professions. You've never spoken ill about lawyers, right? I mean, they aren't all no good lying ambulance chasers, right? You've never had a bad thing to say about used car salesmen, right? I mean they can't all be snake oil salesmen out to rip off people desperate for transportation, right? You've never complained about cops, right? I mean, they can't all be bastard right?

If you choose a profession full of horrible examples of humanity, you really can't pretend that you don't understand why you get lumped in with the rest of them.

I've never met an honorable landlord. One of my previous professions put me in direct contact with nearly every landlord in the city I lived in. I've rented from several (and every one of them tried to screw me over one way or another despite being a perfect tenant that always paid rent ahead of time). My spouse worked for the spouse of one (so holiday parties and get togethers were a shared experience). I'm related to a couple. They are all racists. They all talk about their tenants like they are no better than trash. They mock their tenants. One in particular furnishes their many personal homes with the stuff they steal from tenants...and then brags about it. They are all cheap as hell (despite being quite wealthy).

Maybe you are the unicorn. Maybe you are a diamond in the rough. But I can find you a thousand examples of horrible landlords for every example of a good one.

You ask if landlords should exist. I ask you this. What benefit do landlords provide? The farmer grows food. The teacher educates our children. A store owner provides goods. A doctor heals the sick. But a landlord only exists to horde land and wealth. It's a profession that is a net loss to society, and one with basically no risk but with high rewards. It makes it hard to shed a tear, even for a good landlord.

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u/Anjunagasm 2d ago

You can be a good landlord, but you’re still a landlord.


u/thescopeoflife 1d ago

Also being a good landlord is like the basic minimum even if most landlords dont even meet that mark

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u/Checkered_vanss 2d ago Gold

It’s just the fundamental fact that landlords can buy property with a loan, rent it out to people, and then essentially have the tenants pay their mortgage for them, and live off of the remaining profit. Just because you are “nice” doesn’t change the fact that, by nature, landlords are considered parasites.

This by no means means that you, as a person, are evil. You are just participating in capitalism and are trying to make a profit/living. In the world there are alot of shitty evil landlords, and I’m happy to see that you’re not one of them. It makes me glad seeing people be humane.

In my perfect world, basic human necessities wouldn’t be profited off of, but that’s just me, a commie i guess.


u/itsnottommy 1d ago

I hate how even self-proclaimed liberals will call people commies for suggesting that affordable housing is a basic human right. America really is a radical right-wing dystopia.


u/BlackSix7642 1d ago

Looking at it from outside of America, I find very bizarre the way that even to this day, decades after the end of the cold war, in the collective imaginary of American people "communist" is the exact antonym of "American". Besides, the bar on communism is very low, as you point out. For some fuckers communism is really anything not conservative, pretty much any idea that would change the current status quo of the country, and in the most cases, at least in my opinion, ideas that would be a synonym of progress towards good.

Anyway, my country is also my own shithole of stupid people and evil people and all sorts of scumbags, so I shouldn't worry that much about America. Oh well.


u/BaronVonKeyser 1d ago Silver All-Seeing Upvote

We are in fact a shithole country

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u/PrestigiousAd3081 1d ago

Is this satire?


u/aaronstudds 1d ago

You should stop asking for certificate of excellence from others


u/RainBoxRed 1d ago

The problem isn’t about landlords personally but what they do and what they represent in society.

And your edit just proves the point about who landlords are personally.


u/WhyDidIDoThatMan420 1d ago edited 1d ago

I think the issue a lot of people have and the issue I personally have with landlords is, why should you get to own multiple properties and charge people to live there, when so many people are struggling to afford even one home of their own due to extortionate rent? I understand that some people benefit from renting but given the current situation with housing, I’m not surprised people judge you and honestly I agree with them. It’s not about how nice you are as a landlord which I’m sure you are and that’s great, but the fact is a large number of landlords are not nice people at all and I’ve dealt with a few of them. The concept of being a landlord is ethically questionable.

EDIT: I also just want to point out that hating landlords is not a form of discrimination because you’ve chosen to be a landlord which is a parasitic way of life. You are being judged for making an unethical life decision that negatively impacts people’s lives and do not deserve pity.


u/theneverman91 1d ago

I live in the states. My girlfriend and I don't make much but we were close to being able to afford a house within our very cheap price range. I was on my way to getting my foot in the door in IT and on the way to hopefully making more than 20 an hour.

Then covid happened. Maybe when I'm 35 things will settle down a bit and we can afford a house finally. But even before covid, if we had rented we would have to scrap to save up for a house. Sure not everyone wants to buy, but for those that do and have to rent in the meantime, there really isn't a choice. I keep seeing the word choice thrown around in this thread. No one chooses to pay more for rent than they would for a mortgage. Luckily we live with her parents who are a joy. Not everyone has that luxury and I cannot even imagine where we'd be if we didn't have that support system.

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u/woven_nebula 1d ago

opeeeee your edit. yep you are just a pos evil landlord

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u/QuestionableValue 1d ago Helpful

You snapped up excess housing you don't need to generate passive income off of the backs of poor people without actually doing any work or contributing to society in anyway whatsoever. You're a leech. Even if you are a nice leech, you're still a leech.

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u/secksy_vecksy 1d ago

Typical scumbag landlord. Mao was right 😀😀

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u/brennenderopa 15h ago

The edit is just incredible. Someone was mean to you on the internet and now you will fuck up the lifes of 40 unrelated people? Sounds like someone was a pos all along and is a really good argument why land lords should not exist. I do not want my living conditions to depend on an egotistical man child.


u/SocraticSalvation 1d ago

Because the only reason for your success is because you got there first? I can't get a down payment together for a home because I pay two mortgages worth of rent each month so I can have a roof over my head. I pay 1k a month for 900 square feet, what many on here would consider a blessing. A guy I work with is way younger than me and pays half I do for a decent house because he had parents help him with a down payment. Must be nice.

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u/Global_Telephone_751 2d ago Platinum

I don’t care. Landlording is inherently unethical.

Landlords provide housing the way scalpers provide tickets: you don’t.

I say this as a homeowner myself, so don’t get it twisted that I’m bitter. I’m not. I just think landlording is unethical and the world would be better if it were far more regulated or eliminated.

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u/pepper_pat 2d ago

Because we can’t fucking buy a house when every house gets snatched up to be rented. When rental costs go up by the hundreds every year and our wages don’t, while you live off that mostly passive income, I don’t feel sorry for what hate has been sent your way. You get to live off owning a few houses when most people aren’t able to live off their job to buy one. Or they aren’t available.

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u/Zonie1069 2d ago

Well down for being a good landlord. Unfortunatly so many landlords take advantage of the fact that people have no choice but to pay whatever the landlord demands because people need a place to live and it sours people opinion of landlords in general.


u/trainguy38 1d ago

get a real job and stop being a leech


u/Juko007 1d ago

"shouldn't landlord's exist?" - no, ideally a regular middle class person should be able to buy a house or a flat instead of very few people owning all of them and renting them out. In a perfect world, people would only rent because they want to, not because they can't afford to buy.

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u/RIPLORN 1d ago

I think they just feel like their hard earned money is going straight into your pocket.


u/RainBoxRed 1d ago

Not feel - it is.


u/Skyrocketxv 2d ago

Being a landlord is inherently unethical as you are

A. Making housing less accessible by being able to own multiple homes, driving up housing prices.

B. Charging people for a basic human right, even if it is a common thing under capitalism to do

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u/buckfutterapetits 2d ago

If you want to avoid hate, do your properties as rent-to-own arrangements. Most people will end up moving anyways, so you get to enjoy all the benefits, but you might still occasionally sell a property...



That’s an interesting concept I haven’t seen before.

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u/Unsteady_Tempo 1d ago

I'm in my forties and outside of Reddit I have never heard of people hating on good landlords.


u/TheSiegmeyerCatalyst 1d ago

This will get completely and utterly buried, but here's a shot.

Being a good landlord is the bare minimum. Do you deserve the hate for doing your job? No. But people's generalized frustrations are also valid.

Landlords can provide a valuable service. If you're not looking to tie yourself down to a property long-term, renting can be the desirable alternative. The problem is that it's supposed to be a choice. If I choose to own a house, I also choose to be responsible for repairs, and property tax, and upkeep. If I choose to rent, I also choose to not build equity, subject myself to someone else's rules, and pay an increasing amount over time.

But while some people choose to rent, most renters aren't choosing to. They'd much rather own property, but can't, for a variety of reasons. Largely, it's because landlords (both individual and corporate) already own, and continue to buy up so much property that there just aren't enough houses for sale. And even if they can find a house, there's the likelihood that they'll be denied for the loan. Often times, even though the monthly payments on the loan would be lower than the amount they've been paying in rent. And even if they can get a loan, there's the likelihood that they'll be out-competed by the market: all the other residential buyers, on top of landlords (both individual and corporate) looking to expand their business.

It's a class struggle. It's always been a class struggle. You happen to be in the group of people who have rather than have not. Maybe you specifically worked hard and earned the money ethically. Maybe you are an excellent landlord and treat your tenants fairly and with respect. But most landlords do not, and you are still a part of a system that has and continues to exploit the middle, working, and lower classes. And you're benefiting from that system. It's not really a good look, and people are justified in their negative feelings towards the general class of people known as "landlords".


u/Seranfall 1d ago

Your edit is exactly why you get a lot of hate. Instead of trying to understand where people are coming from you become defensive and hateful.

This is the internet. There will always be trolls and nutjobs. Ignore them, most people do.

There are many posts in the thread that explain why landlords are getting hate right now. People feel that landlords are at the very least partially responsible for the housing crisis.


u/Springbitch 1d ago

The further comment you made to your post is so insanely immature. It would maybe help to THINK about WHY you are being critiqued instead of lashing out. Sure, verbal abuse won’t help at all but Jesus Christ dude. Grow the fuck up.


u/BulkyChemistry10 1d ago

Piss off. You’re a slumlord.


u/weFuckingBOMBBotches 1d ago

Awww lil baby got mad because you're proving to people you are a leech and a direct contributor to housing stress for people who weren't so lucky 😭😭😭


u/Phenotypic_Clusterfk 1d ago


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u/RedBackSocialist 1d ago

Took your mask off in the edit


u/Berto_the_great_king 1d ago

I hope you get mao'd parasite


u/YourCommieNeighbour 1d ago

You, my friend, are the perfect example for a Gulag candidate.


u/ReadingKing 21h ago

Your literal existence is leeching money off of people that want or deserve stable owned housing


u/RawkusAurelius 20h ago

How it started:

"I consider myself a decent landlord."

5 minutes later:

"I currently own 40 condos, and I would buy more just to spite idiots and watch them happily go homeless. FUCK YOU ALL"

Gee, I wonder why people hate landleeches? 🤔


u/misandryisnotreal 17h ago

YIKES at that edit, little guy. “A few houses” to “40 condos” and an entire meltdown? Calm down, lmao


u/beast_boy_1905 15h ago

Nice landlord: "Hey guys. I'm a cool landlord. I even treat people well. Aren't I amazing? Why do people hate a Nice Guy like me??????? I'm such a Nice Guy and a great landlord. Peace amd love everyone"

some people on reddit: "Nah.. Landlords kinda suck."


Me: Excuse me, sir, I believe you dropped your mask.

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u/VitiateKorriban 1d ago

You own a few houses?

Did you work for them and bought them with the money you earned? Why do you have multiple houses? Their only purpose is literally so you can drain money out of people lol

Change your perspective smh

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u/karensabh 1d ago Silver

So as per your edit you’re using the usual hate people get on Reddit after their posts go viral to justify yourself. You really don’t see the issue in “owning” multiple properties which people then pay the equivalent of a mortgage to live in each month? Answer the questions. Why do you need so many properties? Do you enjoy exploiting people? Why do you want a pat on the back for being a “good” landlord when in reality you’re just describing being a bare minimum not shitty person. Most people like you will never understand because you’ve been brainwashed by capitalism into thinking this is the only way to get up, when in reality you’re just making life harder for poor people. Don’t understand the problem with landlords? Do some research and tell me how many people in this generation will ever be able to own a house and then ask yourself why you collect so much money per month. You allow people to live on land that they’ll never own and pay ridiculous prices for a property that will never be theirs. You’re contributing to the cycle of poverty. But oh no continue being a “good” landlord, asshole.


u/SSDGM24 1d ago

Your edit makes it pretty obvious that we can’t trust anything you say in your post. You’re unhinged. Or maybe 15. Or both.


u/TayDjinn 1d ago

Landlords should not exist in an ideal society. This is coming from a landlord. If you have seen the Lorax, you know the buisness model of building factories that polute and destroy the air so you can sell fresh bottled air. Landlords create a higher demand on the market for what would be starter homes. This drives up the price on these houses making it so people can't afford to buy their first house and need to rent instead. People who already have wealth can afford to buy these houses and get even more wealth.

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u/Heyniceguy13 1d ago

Thank you for being true and just, my lord, if it pleases my lord I will sing thy praises.


u/MSpychala9 1d ago

Good, fuck off and get a job you leech


u/Dinch99 1d ago

Your edit is the exact reason why people hate landlords. And 40 isn’t ‘a few’. Fuck you taking pleasure in watching the less fortunate struggle to own property, take your small minded, big dick opinions elsewhere.