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Boycott/Picket Line List Kroger family of supermarkets. Please if possible don’t shop there.

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Ongoing Strike Del Monte Strike Megathread: what you need to know and what you can do!


Striking Del Monte workers (photo: Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation)

What you need to know

Del Monte Kenya Limited is a company based in Kenya, and a subsidiary of Del Monte Fresh Produce which has annual revenues over $4 billion and is based in Cayman Islands, a well-known tax haven.

Over 6,000 Kenyan workers went on strike six days ago over "alleged inhuman working conditions, irregular dismissal of their union representatives, poor pay and unlawful labour employment policies." The strike is being organized by the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU), who represent 200,000 agricultural workers in Kenya, campaigning for fairer pay, improved working conditions, and an end to child labour.

Staff are paid "dismally", according to the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, "turning them into beggars". Many employees who have worked for the company for 20+ years are still considered casual employees, so not eligible for retirement benefits.

News article.


Boycotting this company is... complicated. Del Monte Fresh Produce sold some of its subsidiaries to separate companies in the early 1990s, but allows them to continue using the Del Monte name and logo.

Del Monte Foods (in the USA) is owned by Del Monte Pacific Limited (in the Philippines) and these are no longer affiliated with Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Del Monte Europe is affiliated with Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Generally speaking, any Del Monte product you see in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East is probably owned by Del Monte Fresh Produce.

Hiring replacements

Like what Kellogg's did, Del Monte are now recruiting workers to replace strikers. After what happened at Kellogg's I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had the idea to flood their application process with realistic but fake applications. I could never endorse such an idea, of course.


We don't have a lot of Africans here in this community, but I hope everybody stands in solidarity with these workers. Antiwork needs to be a global movement to succeed.

Weekly Discussion Thread

We want to bring attention to this issue, so we needed to unpin the weekly discussion thread for a while. We're only allowed two pinned threads!

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Manager steals tips; one upvote and he gets my 2 weeks today.


Edit: I am going to quit tonight. Not even finish my shift. He’s getting my keys and uniform and im gone. Thank you guys for the words and the help! I’ve been working since I was 14 under incredibly shitty bosses so I never realized how illegal his actions were. I’m going to call him out tonight and leave during my shift. I truly do appreciate you guys. Ill update it when i do quit :)!

Sorry for the format, I am on a phone. Your guys’ favorite thing to hear. I recently started work at a pizza place in Washington state. I should’ve known my interview was a red flag when the entire time my manager talked about his medical issues. A delivery driver ended up quitting a few weeks after I started because of the verbal degradation our manager was giving him. ‘This boy went to college but is too fucking dumb to remember what’s garlic butter’ type stuff. he verbally insults everyone that walks into the shop to or behind there face. I should’ve left then but I stayed. I made 30 cents more than Min wage for being a TL. (which he took away january first) and I thought everything was okay. until it was me and him working one night and we made over 1k in food. I received $105 worth of tips that night and my manager gave me 45$ which really made me mad since he was told not to take tips by his boss. My final straw was last night. from 11am to 9 pm we made 34$ in tips total. At 7pm when my manager left we had made 24$ in tips and he decided to take 30$ out of the till leaving me with a 2$ tip at 9 pm. He stole money from the store. He continued to take tips when he didn’t do any work. The entire crew is quitting because of how shitty he treats us.

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Being poor is expensive.

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things my manager said in our five guys team meeting


no more smoke breaks, no more quick eating breaks, you get 30 minutes unpaid or nothing

if you ask a manager for a 30 minute break and they say no, don’t keep asking or you can get a break for life

if you look left right up down, you will find something dirty. you will find four things dirty. clean it.

you don’t get paid to go get a drink 17 times a day, so don’t do that or when you come back i will tell you to clock out

if you take a bathroom break or go in the back to get something to stock up or go clean lobby etc and you don’t communicate it to everyone on the line, when you come back you will clock out and not come back

your out time on the schedule isn’t your time to leave, it’s your time to ask the manager on shift “do you need anything else from me?” and find a way to help before you leave

always have accountability, if someone else does the time temps or cleans something before you do, you should be thinking “aw man why didn’t i do that”

if you need to switch a shift and you have found someone to do it for you, we might not agree to that and it’s not accepted unless a manager decides to accept it

i want you to have pride in working here, when you’re done with your shift i want you to think you just did something good. if you don’t think that or don’t have pride in working here, get out and don’t come back.

these are my favorite ones if i think of more i’ll write them down

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I used to work at Google and Tesla, call Dave he’ll tell ya

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I’m quitting my job and moving to South America


I’m done. Like, I don’t have a bad job, but with inflation and the insane rental market, I no longer make enough to survive once my lease is up and they raise the rent. 54k a year is now poverty wages.

I’m currently on vacation in Colombia and I’m blown away with how far my money goes here. I have enough saved that I could come here and easily live for a year without working. I speak the language and now I have friends here.

So basically, in May when my lease is up, I’m leaving the country. I can’t do this anymore. I commute an average of 1.5 hours a day, and I’m in the office from 9-6 m-f and 9-2 on Saturdays. My entire life is consumed with working or recovering from working.

Wish me luck!

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Working as a janitor was a thing

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Guys the Upper Class totally have our interests at heart, we promise

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We need to start doing this!

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Boss told me after massively overworking me that if I want to play in his sandpit I need to toughen up. Told him I don’t want to play in the sandpit, I want time to lay on the lawn with my cats. He told me to take my cats and fuck off. He was bluffing. I wasn’t. I quit! Coming at ya from my lawn!

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New Requirement Just Dropped... But really, what the fuck does this even mean? Right answers only please

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I think this belongs here. Credit: Thekaranmenon on tik Tok

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Let us exploit you

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Angelo Herndon was a black communist labor leader convicted of insurrection after attempting to organize black and white workers in Atlanta, Georgia. He addressed the court on this day in 1933, stating "You cannot kill the working class".

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News company goes Pikachu Face over Great Resignation


Somebody in my family was laid off by a huge media conglomerate in 2020 “due to Covid.” Turns out, the investors were in red and saw an opportunity to cut out the creative/editing department to earn back some of their profits.

My family member scrambled to get back to work ASAP. There was an attempt to hire him by the other giant media conglomerates but they had lowered wages by 12-18k. They thought they were going to win the talent for cheeapppp!!!

He ended up on unemployment for the next 9 months. Social media calling people out for being on unemployment really got to him. He quit social media. He did eventually find a position that paid almost as well as his prior one but really shitty shifts.

A year and a half later from lay-off, people are leaving the field. They’re sick and tired (literally). My family member is now getting job offers left and right, he’s leveraging offers and in the works of making more than what he was making pre-layoff.

But today, I see a reporter from the same media company is doing a story on The Great Resignation. As though they’re innocent objective observers in all of this. No, the Great Resignation and today’s movement of anti work is directly related to your corporate overlords.

Pisses me off.

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Life gets worse lately

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Break the Cycle

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It costs more money to escape poverty than it does to maintain a middle-class lifestyle. Quit blaming poor people.

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In Warhammer 40,000 the Golden Throne requires 1000 human sacrifices a day; this is supposed to seem inhumanly monstrous. Today we're sacrificing over 1000 humans a day to keep the gears of capitalism churning and no one bats an eye.


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All our managers quit


I am not exaggerating. Literally every single one of our managers quit. I work at dominos and our store has been closed since yesterday. I don't know all the details but a co worked texted me telling me everyone quit. Our GM, day managers, night managers, all of them.

I know for almost a year our GM has constantly been asking our DO to fix important issues at the store like: the makeline freezing over constantly, our front door still cracked and smashed in (that's another story), the fact we can't keep instores cause they are grossly underpaid (10$ an hour). Issues after issues for months and we are just ignored despite bringing in 8 - 12k a DAY. As a driver it does blow for me but I don't blame the managers one bit for quitting. Hate the game not the players.

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Deserve to be in this sub.

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My job ruined my marriage. A cautionary tale


Don't let work destroy your life.

I met my (soon to be ex) wife 8 years ago. We loved each other and had a great time together. I got a high pressure job a few years in that my bosses claimed would be worth it in the long run.

You know the story. I embraced the grind lifestyle. Worked late , worked weekends, worked holidays and on vacation while my wife sat around by herself. I kept telling her it was for our future and would eventually pay off. She begged me for years to quit, said she didn't care about the money. I chose wrong.

2020 sucked for financially but I was assured by my boss that 2021 would be "amazing" for me. I worked every weekend. I worked the day of my wedding. We cut our honeymoon short so I could get back to work. I was chasing the pot of gold cause I wanted to buy her a house.

Welp. 4 months post-wedding, my wife leaves me ending our 8 year relationship. She told me I always chose work over her and didn't like what I turned into. I begged her to stay but said I just needed till the end of the year to cash out and I would quit. Nope she left. Was tired of spending her weekends alone and felt unloved. I kept my head down and threw myself into work to try to forget and maybe find some meaning in the destruction of my marriage.

My job fucked me on my bonus and raise. Told me it was a hard year for the firm and they couldn't pay me what they promised. My marriage ended up being worth nothing.

I took 2 weeks off, came back for 1 week, and quit. I made sure they knew I blamed them and made sure to delete 6 months of work on the way out the door.

Fuck your job. Enjoy your weekends. Money won't buy you happiness. If you're lucky enough to find someone who loves you, focus on that and never let go.

Learn from my mistakes reddit.

Edit: Wow didn't expect the hate. People, I was trying to give my wife a good life. I admitted I made the wrong choice. Not looking for sympathy, trying to warn you to avoid my mistakes. For those reaching out with condolences, Thank you. For you guys telling me I fucked up, I know. Fuck you for rubing it in. Maybe read the whole post before judging

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my job recently found out I am homeless I learned how much they truly "care" about me


So because of this bitch at work outing me my job knows I am homeless you won't believe how much they care about me what they offered me today it's so heartfelt.

They offered to let me come in to work on my days off for 10 hours each day so I can stay out of the cold. They are even going to let me paint the offices and hallways for the 20hrs I am there.

They're even going to pay me a grand total of $1.50 worth of bread, cheese and meat from the cafe in the building they are the most kind and generous company.

Don't you think it's the most generous thing, exploiting a person so you can save thousands and thousands of dollars, but you know you're giving that fucker a sandwich.

I'll be watching movies at the library TUVM

Edit: I also want to mention being homeless atleast for me the way I am is not bad yah it's not perfect but it's not bad. I have my camp it's just me. I have a heavy duty winter yurt it's completely hidden you wouldint see it if you were infront of it.

I can cook I do everey day I go to the gym everey day to shower and work out I am also in incredible shape the best shape of my life. I just wanted to say that I don't scream oh no Evereythibg is so bad for me because it's not it's not all bad.. would I prefer something different yes but is it bad? No no it's not

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Speaks for itself. Found on Facebook.

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