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Medicine Unvaccinated, coronavirus-infected women were far more likely than the general pregnant population to have a stillborn infant or one that dies in the first month of life. Unvaccinated pregnant women also had a far higher rate of hospitalization than their vaccinated counterparts. N=88,000

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Environment The Decline is animal populations is hurting the ability of plants to adapt to climate change: "Most plant species depend on animals to disperse their seeds, but this vital function is threatened by the declines in animal populations. Defaunation has severely reduced long-distance seed dispersal".

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Medicine The pregnant women who were diagnosed with COVID-19 were 15 times more likely to die and 14 times more likely to be intubated to help them breathe than were women without a COVID-19 diagnosis. They were also up to 22 times more likely to give birth prematurely. N = 869 079

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Neuroscience New theory proposes ‘forgetting’ is actually a form of learning. Researchers found if memories were gained in circumstances that are not wholly relevant to the current environment, forgetting them can be a positive change that improves our wellbeing.

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Anthropology Archaeology’s sexual revolution. Graves dating back thousands of years are giving up their secrets, as new ways to pin down the sex of old bones are overturning long-held, biased beliefs about gender and love

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Psychology Attractiveness biases attributions of moral character: Recent research found that people attributed more moral traits to attractive (vs. unattractive) individuals, confirming the "beauty-is-good" stereotype.

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Anthropology The remains of a man and a dog trying to escape an ancient tsunami found on the Aegean coast. The Thera eruption was one of the worst natural disasters in human history; scientists estimate the volcano exploded with 2 million times the power of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima

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Biology Scientists identified a specific gene variant that protects against severe COVID-19 infection. Individuals with European ancestry carrying a particular DNA segment -- inherited from Neanderthals -- have a 20 % lower risk of developing a critical COVID-19 infection.

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Environment Strong evidence shows Sixth Mass Extinction of global biodiversity in progress. The other five were caused by extreme natural phenomena, this one is caused by human activity

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Animal Science Dogs Can Distinguish Speech from Gibberish—and Tell Spanish from Hungarian

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Biology Subjects who consume cannabis flowers containing nearly equal percentages of THC and CBD are less likely to report experiencing either anxiety or other adverse effects, according to data published in the journal Addiction Biology.

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Psychology Study: About seven out of ten therapists found a client sexually attractive, a quarter fantasized about a romantic relationship, and a fifth gave a goodbye hug at the end of a session (22%). In general, more male therapists reported sexual feelings and behaviors than female therapists.

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Animal Science The bones of horse-like creatures unearthed in a 4500-year-old royal tomb in Syria are the earliest known hybrid animals bred by people, with DNA sequencing showing them to be crosses of donkeys and Syrian wild asses.

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Psychology New research has worrying implications for information ecosystem surrounding topics such as politics, science, and health, where technically correct but misleadingly presented data can be widely persuasive. It is possible to lead individuals to arrive at unwarranted conclusions using manipulation.

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Health Meta-analysis of 43 studies finds that doing both aerobic and strength training concurrently has no adverse effect on muscle gain (hypertrophy) or maximal strength

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Social Science In America, women, Republicans, people who live in the South, and those who were raised in a religion or still attend religious services are most likely to conceal their atheism.

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Social Science Income support can act as a health intervention. Advanced Child Tax Credit payments increased household income and likely acted as a buffer against food insufficiency; introduction of advance payments was associated with a significant reduction in household food insufficiency by approximately 26%.

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Animal Science A new genus of tarantula was discovered inside a bamboo culm from Mae Tho, Tak province, in Thailand. This is the first genus of tarantula that shows the surprising specialization of living in bamboo stalks.

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Health New study calls into question early claims of COVID-19 ‘infodemic’ of health misinformation. Sources deemed “not credible” comprised conspiracy-oriented sites and state-sponsored sites known for spreading propaganda, which were 3.67 times more likely to spread misinformation than credible sites.

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Biology "...evolutionary theory has been dominated by the idea that mutations occur randomly with respect to their consequences...We conclude that...bias reduces the occurrence of deleterious mutations...challenging the prevailing paradigm that mutation is a directionless force in evolution."

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Social Science In three independent, demographically diverse, and relatively large samples of U.S. consumers, researchers found no evidence to conclude that all else being equal consumers discriminate against Black restaurant servers by tipping them less than comparable White servers.

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Environment Eat a burger made in a petri dish and feelings of disgust and why people feel disgusted by cultured meat: A study shows 35% of meat-eaters and 55% of vegetarians find cultured meat too disgusting to eat.

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Environment The dramatic collapse of Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano in December 2018 resulted from long-term destabilising processes, and was not triggered by any distinct changes in the magmatic system that could have been detected by current monitoring techniques, new research has found.

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Astronomy A source of very energetic oxygen located in Jupiter’s inner radiation belts. Observations from NASA's Galileo spacecraft indicate that Jupiter’s magnetic field acts like an astrophysical particle accelerator, internally powering the oxygen ion source of its inner radiation belts.

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Health Atlas of exercise metabolism reveals time-dependent signatures of metabolic homeostasis (Jan 2022)

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